Handing Over the Reins

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Editing JOT has been a huge pleasure. I’ve interacted with many great people and read many great papers (and, I admit, giggled at one or two spam submissions). Looking back, I’m particularly pleased that I was able to help make JOT fully open-access, using CC licenses that allow authors to retain copyright on their articles. Open-access journals are becoming more common now, but they are far from the majority. Journals like JOT — which, lest we forget, has been open-access since its start many years ago — thus remain trailblazers.

It’s now time for me to hand over the reins. I’m pleased to say that the next JOT EIC is Tijs van der Storm. I have been fortunate enough to know Tijs for a number of years. His energy, good taste, and good humour will help ensure that JOT continues to provide a valuable service for both authors and readers. I wish him all the best, and encourage everyone reading this editorial to submit their best quality work to JOT. After all, we provide the platform, but you provide the content!

Laurence Tratt, March 2016

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